Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smoked Streak

Today was the first try at a good steak.

Went to Costco and bought 4 1+ inch thick Ribeye steaks. I drizzled olive oil and rubbed around, then put a nice layer of magic dust and then topped them with Montreal Steak seasoning and rubbed and patted everything. I wrapped them in cling rap for 1.5 hours.

I put them on the smoker at 225 starting with an internal temp of 45. At 70 I flipped them and pulled them off at 90 degrees internally. I then transferred them to the gas grill and seared the first side for 1 minute and flipped them over doing the crosshatch and left until 115. At that point, turned over and cross hatched and left on until 135. Pulled them, let them sit in a dish with a foil tent and served. The pics were not that good as my good digi had a dead battery but the center was bright bright pink all the way through. I smoked them with applewood and the flavor was awesome. All in all they were only smoked 45 minutes then grilled the rest so there was a nice hint of the smoke but not overpowering so you could really taste the spices. Also, by far the juicest steaks I have ever made.

Lets just say we all agreed that there is no place around here that can top this steak. I have tried Mortons Steak house and all the local chains and I will put these up against them any day.

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